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The Problem For Women

Progesterone is the Master Hormone in all women. It safely balances all the activities of estrogens, including those that are harmful.

When her body fails to make enough progesterone, she will suffer with some combination of the 150+ symptoms of PMS, Peri-Menopause & Menopause, the conditions of infertility, thyroid dysfunction, bone-loss (to mention just a few) and an increased risk for female-specific cancers!

By some estimates, it is believed that >85 to 90% of all women living in developed countries struggle with a hormone imbalance at some time in their lives. For most women, it is an ongoing crisis each month.

The issues caused by an imbalance of primary hormones in women has become so epidemic in the past 30 years, that it has been labeled “the new normal“. Such a disservice to women!

What are the underlying causes of this health dilemma? Endocrine disrupting chemicals, EDC’s and an ongoing stressful lifestyle.

What can a woman do to manage the causes of these challenges? The answer is here.

The Problem For Men

We love our wives, mothers, daughters, sisters & female friends. When someone we love suffers, we feel their pain…

What is the role of Progesterone?

Progesterone is the Master Hormone in all women. It is the hormone responsible for balancing the activities of a woman’s 27 different estrogens. It is the hormone used by the body to make many other necessary hormones, including estrogen, allopregenalone & testosterone. Optimal progesterone levels, are foundational for a woman to enjoy good health & wellness.

  • If a cycling woman fails to maintain sufficient progesterone during “that time of the month” she will experience some of the 150 symptoms of PMS/PMT, including cramping, irritability, headaches, etc…
  • A premature drop in Progesterone levels during pregnancy will almost always result in a miscarriage, or pre-term birth. A normal, sharp drop in progesterone levels on or about week 40, will trigger the birth of the baby & almost always result in “post-partum depression”.
  • Progesterone stimulates bone building cells called osteoblasts to build new bone tissue more effectively than any other influence, including aerobic exercise. Bone loss in women, begins, on average at age 37, resulting in 1.5% bone mineral density loss per year.
  • Men need progesterone to make testosterone (progesterone also supports prostate health)
  • Progesterone supports production of serotonin & has been labeled the “Happy Hormone”
  • Progesterone-Based Therapy Protects Against Influenza by Promoting Lung Repair and Recovery in Females

My Experience

In March 1995, I published the first website offering educational information as a guide for women to learn the value & importance of their master hormone, progesterone.

Since that time, I have had the privilege of assisting approximately 20,000 women, by means of a one-on-one telephone consultation. I’ve been privileged to hear of a myriad of symptoms, unpleasant diagnoses, emotional trauma and uncertainty, and offer guidance that gave them the best, desired outcome!

Down to this day we have come to appreciate that almost no woman understands the true value of her master hormone, Progesterone. Most women, honestly, do not even know what progesterone is.

The opportunity to “Give Back”

Since early 1995, we have provided educational information for women enabling them to make an informed decision when it comes to safely and effectively balancing their hormones.

I have personally devoted many thousands of hours in telephone consultations & have also been able to reach hundreds of thousands of women through our websites.

Because progesterone addresses the underlying cause of so many health conditions women struggle with and has been shown to reduce a woman’s risk for female specific cancers, millions of women will benefit from an accurate education about their master hormone, Progesterone.

Health Science manufactures the highest quality all plant-based, body-identical progesterone cream found anywhere in the world, formulated exclusively with American-made progesterone and free of all petrochemicals.

We are sitting on a “Gold-Mine“. If you have the “heavy equipment”, the tools to dig in, I want to connect with you: or 212.621.9008.

Progesterone is the master hormone in all women, is the mother domain for this master hormone!