Hair Loss

21 Ways to Keep Your Hair

Hair Loss: 21 Ways to Keep Your Hair
July 28, 2022 Writing Department


  1. Manage Stress – excess stress spikes cortisol, blocks T4-T3 conversion
  2. Use a Sebum-cleansing shampoo. No Sulfates in any shampoo
  3. DHT burns out hair follicles as a result of 5AR, leading to andro-genetic alopecia-pattern hair loss
  4. Progesterone cream blocks 5AR/DHT
  5. Onion juice supports healthy hair growth
  6. Green tea supports healthy hair growth
  7. Organic Essential Rosemary oil supports healthy hair growth (rub into scalp, leave in overnight)
  8. Zinc supports healthy hair growth
  9. Silica supports healthy hair growth
  10. ACV – 1/3 cup to 1 liter of water supports healthy hair growth
  11. Increase protein/trace minerals – sea kelp, shellfish, salmon
  12. Nutritional Yeast flakes – non fortified/organic supports healthy hair growth
  13. Cruciferous vegetables – sea kelp support healthy hair growth
  14. Selenium (brazil nuts, seafood, sea kelp) – for sluggish thyroid.
  15. Keto & IF – prevent androgen spike, normalizing insulin
  16. Biotin – supports hair growth
  17. Optimize Friendly gut bacteria – Fermented Vegetables, KimChi, Sauerkraut contain 100x more probiotics than most supplements, Collagen & vitamin C. They survive stomach acids
  18. Increase vitamin D (Sunshine) a natural cortisol-balancing hormone

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