the Master Hormone in Women

Why a Progesterone Cream?

Nature did not intend humans to take progesterone orally. So, if you take progesterone pills, the progesterone will be intercepted by the liver and converted into progesterone metabolites. This unnecessarily burdens your liver and introduces excess, harmful metabolites into circulation.
Progesterone, applied to the skin, will not be seen by the liver, yielding 98-100% delivery of the active ingredient, body-identical progesterone into circulation, where it is safely delivered to the tissues that need it most.

When you appreciate the importance of your most important hormone and the necessity of optimizing progesterone levels, a proper progesterone cream formula will support your goal of achieving hormonal equilibrium and the best of health!

There are many progesterone creams making many claims. Make sure you chose the only cream that is GMO-free, free of petro-chemicals, free of Chinese progesterone and meticulously hand-crafted in small batches, exclusively with American-made progesterone…