the Master Hormone in Women

Progesterone Creams for Women's Health

How would you know if you are suffering from the harmful effects caused by a hormone imbalance, too much estrogen and not enough progesterone? What role do Progesterone Creams play?

For decades, scientists have studied the ill-effects of environmental estrogens, also known as xeno-estrogens and their effect on the endocrine system (the endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce our hormones). These hormones regulate metabolism, growth & development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep & mood, among many other things.  

Xenoestrogens have hormone-like activity in the body of both genders and are known as endocrine disruptors.  This means they interfere with the natural production & utilization of your valuable, beneficial hormones.

Since the endocrine system is responsible for your hormone production, today’s chemical environment is the First of two primary causes of hormone imbalance & insufficient levels of progesterone (your master hormone).  

Your body is continually flooded with too many xenoestrogens, which are negatively affecting our endocrine system. The result? You needlessly suffer with an imbalance of your primary hormones.

Where do these Xenoestrogens and other toxic chemicals come from?  As you learned in the above video, they are extremely prevalent in almost all personal care & beauty products (even when the label says “Natural”), plastics which come in contact with food & beverages, pesticides (this is why so many choose Organic), cleaning products and all synthetic fragrances & all GMO foods & products.  There are more than 100,000 petroleum-based ingredients (petro-chemicals) in use by the cosmetic industry alone! (petroleum is a xenoestrogen)!

Can the ill-effects of all these chemicals be avoided with Progesterone Creams for Women?

The Second cause of hormone imbalance is found in most commercially grown meat, dairy and animal products.  Unless otherwise specified on the label, almost ALL chicken, beef, pork, eggs and dairy contain synthetic estrogens and/or pesticides.  These are consumed by hundreds of millions of people weekly.  Synthetic estrogens shorten the growth time of the animal & profit the farmer, while cheapening the cost to consumer.  

When consumed on a daily or weekly basis, these foods directly affect our endocrine system and optimal hormone balance.  Synthetic estrogens are also responsible for weight-gain, overall ill-health, infertility (men & women), diminished libido, and increased disease susceptibility.   Synthetic hormones, which are the active ingredients in prescription birth control and HRT, have also  been proven in many studies, to put you at increased risk for female-specific cancers.

Can the ill-effects of all these food additives & added hormones be avoided with Progesterone Creams for Women?

Bioidentical progesterone will safely support your body’s ability to be in balance.  It’s one simple solution you can implement every month to safely balance your hormones when you finish puberty and for life.

Optimal progesterone levels, at the correct time of the month, will not only alleviate, but prevent the painful symptoms of PMS/PMDD & menopause, increase osteoblast cell activity (bone integrity) and support overall health & vitality for life.  Healthy levels will also support increased fertility, aid to a healthy first trimester of pregnancy and address the causes of post-partum depression.

With that said, Progesterone’s health benefits don’t end in the hormone department.  Did you know progesterone has also been proven to have a supportive effect on brain chemistry?  It aids in production of the ‘neurotransmitters’ that enhance your mood, like serotonin.  It also supports healthy sleep patterns, healthy cell death & renewal, healthy weight, healthy hair and improved skin elasticity.   Clearly, progesterone is beneficial to our entire body’s health.

Please visit our Serenity Lifestyle page here for more details on how and where you can protect yourself and your family from from these Xenoestrogens. There, we also have recommendations on the best personal/home/supplement care in the world that will greatly affect your health for the better.

Can the ill-effects of all these food additives & added hormones be avoided with Progesterone Creams for Women?