Progesterone & A Hormone Healthy Lifestyle

Progesterone & A Hormone Healthy Lifestyle
March 25, 2018 Writing Department

Hormone Healthy Lifestyle Considerations

In all industrialized countries, most meat, chicken, and dairy products contain growth hormones (foreign estrogens), that are used by farmers to increase profits and at the expense of our health. In addition, pesticide residues and many other petrochemical compounds with estrogenic properties are consumed in the food that is given to these animals and are consequently concentrated in the milk and fat of the meat.

These harmful estrogens are then deposited in our fatty tissues and on estrogen and progesterone receptors where they have been shown to interfere in the proper utilization and production of natural progesterone & natural estrogen.  They have also been implicated in promoting other more serious health problems such as fibrocystic breast disease and female-specific cancers.

There are, however, “good” estrogens available in our food supply. By replacing animal proteins with saponin rich plant foods such as fermented soy products we can introduce phytoestrogens (genistein), which have a higher affinity for estrogen receptors than “bad” estrogens and have been demonstrated to have protective influences against endometrial & breast cancer.

Other Important Cosiderations Include

  • Eliminate commercially grown meat, poultry & dairy. Replace with “hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pestcide-freen meat & dairy, fermented soy (Tofu), Cold Water Fish (wild-caught salmon, Cod
  • Eat right for your blood type
  • Essential Oils
  • Identify GMO foods and do not consume!  Safety for these modified foods Has Not Been Established!
  • Avoid Hydrogenated fats and oils as they convert to trans-fatty acids which increase breast cancer risk (all hydrogenated fats are harmful to your health)
  • Eliminate completely ALL artificial sweeteners,  tobacco products & simple carbohydrates (twinkies)
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup
  • Eliminate or reduce consumption of caffeine, hard liquor, high fat dairy
  • Reduce consumption of simple sugars (they promote sharp blood sugar fluctuations)
  • Increase cruciferous & dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains (Organic)
  • Consume more cold water fish and legumes for protein (or protein powder)
  • Consume low quantities of protein in the evening
  • Consume smaller, more frequent meals or snacks.  Don’t stretch your stomach!
  • Never go more than 4 hours during any day or 12 hours overnight without food
  • Drink plenty of pure water. 8 glasses daily. Fluid restriction can be harmful.
  • Supplement with a properly formulated calcium formula (Bone-Up)
  • Use a proper natural progesterone cream formulation
  • Exercise (30-40 minutes four or five days per week)
  • Laugh frequently! (preferably with your mate). Hearty laughter stimulates your immune system to release healing immune cells.
  • Learn to successfully manage stress (Regular deep-tissue massage therapy; breathing exercises; improve sleep quality; counseling)
  • Replace Traditional Western Recipes with organic fermented soy and other health promoting recipes

Beneficial snacks include:

Nuts, raw vegetables, fresh fruits, sardines, high fiber snacks (sweetened with low amounts of organic unrefined cane sugar, honey, stevia, or molasses), Organic/NonGMO fermented soy such as tempeh, all other fermented foods, grass fed milk & cheese,  whole grain products, excluding wheat and corn unless heirloom.

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