Bioidentical Progesterone: Our Green Ingredients

Our Green Ingredients

Bioidentical Progesterone
All natural ingredients:
(Ecocert Approved)

* Organic Aloe Vera (Miller Barbadensis)
* Jojoba Oil – Most Harmonious Oil with Human Skin
* MSM – High in Sulphur
* Green Tea Extract – Powerful anti-oxidant
* Vegetable Emulsifying Complex (Coconut & Palm)
* Bioidentical Progesterone USP (Manufactured Exclusively in the U.S.A.)
* Hyaluronic Acid – Natural Skin Humectant
* Vegetable Glycerin – Humectant
* Gluconolactone – Ecocert Approved Preservative
* Sodium Benzoate – Ecocert Approved Preservative
* Organic Essential Oils – Ecocert Approved Preservative

Formulated with bio-identical, USP natural progesterone, manufactured exclusively in the United States. Dr. John Lee stated

 “It is the purest form of pharmaceutical progesterone found anywhere in the world…

* No petro-chemicals, no parabens, no ethoxylates, no PEG’s, no Chinese materials, no animal derivatives, no artificial colors, hypo-allergenic, Cruelty-Free.
* Serenity does not contain Chinese progesterone found in other creams.
* Manufactured under the highest Standards of purity.
* 100% hypo-allergenic.
* Purity and potency guaranteed by HPLC analysis.
* 60 grams (for topical, external use)
* Advanced skin care delivery system
* Exceptionally high quality moisturizer


Each Container of Serenity Contains not less than 1,450 mg of American-Made USP Bio Identical Progesterone

(1/8th tsp = 15 mg of USP Bio Identical Progesterone)

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