the Master Hormone in Women

Miscarriage Causes You Did Not Know Existed

Miscarriage Causes You Did Not Know Existed Prior to the SARS-CoV2 outbreak in 2020, 1 in 8 pregnancies ended in miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion (pregnancy loss occurring at less than 20 weeks of gestation). By some reliable estimates this has increased by 500% in the past three years! What is causing this alarming rate of increase? ACTIVITY OF PROGESTERONE In order for progesterone to work, it has to occupy or plugin to a progesterone receptor, much the same way your car key plugs into your ignition. ORIGINS OF PROGESTERONE Progesterone is given its name because of its vital supportive role in gestation (Latin: gestare). This insight helps us appreciate the vital role of progesterone the reproductive process.  Does this mean that if you are not of child-bearing age, you don’t need progesterone?  (please see the article: “Why I Need Progesterone“). Modern science confirms this insight, as, of all female hormones, progesterone is the one most essential for conception, survival of the fertilized egg & the fetus all the way to a successful birth. THE UNIQUE ROLE OF PROGESTERONE IN PREGNANCY At ovulation, progesterone levels rapidly rise from 2-3 mg/day to an average of 25-28 mg/day, peaking as high as 30 mg/day during the luteal phase of your month. If fertilization does not occur in ten or twelve days, progesterone levels fall dramatically, triggering the shedding of the lining (your next menstrual cycle). If pregnancy does occur, however, on or about week 18, progesterone production is taken over by the placenta which secretes an ever increasing supply, reaching 300-400 mg/day during the third trimester! At birth (around week 40) progesterone levels drop from about 400 mg/day to zero mg/day, triggering the birth of your baby. Since progesterone supports a healthy brain chemistry, could the dramatic drop in progesterone levels, be a primary cause of “PostPartum Depression“? A FEW COMMON LIFESTYLE RISK FACTORS Age Obesity Tobacco use Drug use Excess caffeine Excess alcohol Excess Stress A KNOWN RISK FACTOR Cytokines are cells released by your immune system for the purpose of modulating your body’s natural, healthy immune response. When the threat to your health is severe, excess cytokines can be harmful, causing inflammation and other issues. This over reaction by your immune system is called a cytokine storm. “Cytokine storm due to SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause short-term menstrual disturbances, pre-term delivery, and miscarriages. It can also adversely impact the male reproductive system causing a reduction in fertility and erectile dysfunction.”   A significant drop in progesterone levels or a blockade of progesterone receptors, especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, will almost always result in miscarriage, or, later, pre-term birth. Yes, the environmental toxins, EDC’s, interfere with the production and function of your master hormone progesterone, but what could be blocking progesterone receptors? Research scientist in Cairo published an article entitled: COVID-19 spike protein binds to progesterone receptors, a docking findings which may explain Spontaneous Abortion Following COVID-19 infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy Clearly, anything that blocks the progesterone receptor, whether it is the virus or a vaccine is implicated in miscarriage and/or early term birth.   Cytokines are cells released by your immune system for the purpose of modulating your body’s natural, healthy immune response. When the threat to your health is severe, excess cytokines can be harmful, causing inflammation and other issues. This over reaction by your immune system is called a cytokine storm. “Progesterone is an essential hormone that induces deep immune adaptations favoring pregnancy maintenance.”   ALWAYS FREE-SHIPPING   

Hormone Therapy for Menopause – Types, Benefits & Risks

Hormone Therapy for Menopause – Types, Benefits & Risks HRT is an acronym for Hormone replacement therapy. This is the default treatment prescribed by most doctors when a woman enters menopause (menopause normally occurs at the age of 50-51 or may be surgically induced at any younger age). HRT usually contains  conjugated estrogens (CEE) from pregnant mare’s urine, Premarin (We Support the Humane Treatment of Horses) & progestin (synthetic progesterone). Administration methods are: tablet patch suppository vaginal cream At menopause, HRT was the default treatment recommendation, as it may have alleviated some of the following symptoms: hot flashes night sweats anxiety sleep disorders vaginal dryness HRT is prescribed under the belief that a woman has reduced levels of estrogen at menopause. Here is a concern we frequently receive: “This topic is so very confusing for women. Many providers claim that without supplementing estrogen, we run a greater risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s” Sure, your body requires estrogen for good health, however, a woman’s need for estrogen is only 1/3rd of a mg. daily. Too much estrogen, relative to insufficient progesterone (estrogen dominance) has been identified as a primary underlying cause for dozens of health issues in women! Significantly, according to Dr. John Lee’s research, 75% of menopausal women make a sufficient amount of estrogen in their adrenal glands & fat cells from their master hormone, Progesterone. Most women do NOT have an estrogen deficiency! Focus on optimizing your master hormone, Progesterone & your symptoms will yield & you will enjoy the health you deserve! In 2002, HRT got a “Wake-Up-Call”! A large clinical trial of 27,347 postmenopausal women, age 50–79 years, found that HRT posed more health risks than benefits for postmenopausal women! With what result? The study was stopped! The findings indicted HRT as being responsible for an increased risk for the following: Stroke Pulmonary Embolism Myocardial Infarction Colorectal Cancer Endometrial Cancer Gallbladder Disease Urinary Incontinence Sleep Disturbances Social Anxiety Hip Fracture All-Cause Mortality Were there any reported benefits to HRT? Yes… “Among younger women (ages 50–54) experiencing moderate or severe hot flashes and/or night sweats at enrollment (n=979), those in both the CEE+MPA and CEE groups had substantial reductions in symptoms (64% and 28%, respectively, compared to placebo at one year)“ Wow! What a price to pay, just to reduce hot flashes and/or night sweats! This is especially so in light of the fact, there are now safe, non-invasive & highly effective ways to make your hot flashes/night sweats go away. When you clearly identify the 3 underlying causes, then time-honored protocols can be safely implemented. As the number of risk factors attributed to synthetic hormone therapy (HRT) have become universally accepted, doctors have chosen to prescribe with far less frequency (“do no harm”). And, informed women on hormone therapy (HRT) have chosen to discontinue its use, very often without consulting their physicians. BLOOD CLOTS Doctors have long known that taking estrogen increases a person’s risk for blood clots. Generally, this risk is higher if you use birth control pills, which contain high doses of synthetic progesterone (progestin or medroxy-progesterone-acetate). Your risk is even higher if you smoke and take estrogen. The risk is not as high when estrogen skin patches (transdermal estrogen) are used, but still exists. BREAST CANCER Women who take estrogen therapy for a long period of time have an increased in risk for breast-cancer. Most guidelines still believe hormone therapy safe for breast-cancer risk when taken for up to 5 years, although this is not supported by the data. ENDOMETRIAL/UTERINE CANCER The risk for endometriosis/endometrial cancer is more than five times higher in women who take estrogen therapy alone, compared with those who do not. However, taking progesterone with estrogen seems to protect against this cancer. Endometrial cancer does not develop in women who do not have a uterus. CARDIOVASCULAR/HEART DISEASE Estrogen may increase the risk of heart disease in older women, or in women who began estrogen use more than 10 years after their last period. Deep venous thrombosis (DVT or blood clot in a vein) and pulmonary embolus (PE or blood clot in the lungs) are more common in women who take oral estrogen, regardless of their age. STROKE Women who take estrogen have an increased risk for stroke. Women who also smoke, have heart disease, or are at higher risk for heart disease and stroke are less likely to be given estrogen hormones. GALLBLADDER DISEASE Several studies have shown that women who take estrogen/progestin (synthetic progesterones) therapy have an increased risk for developing gallstones.” The hormones used in most HRT protocols are foreign to the female body and while they address some of the symptoms women struggle with at menopause, they do so with a price! Hormone replacement therapy can be accomplished successfully with hormones that are biologically identical to those made by the woman’s natural biology. These “body-identical” hormones safely work in harmony with your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Oral administration invites the liver to intercept those hormones, unncessarily stressing your liver. A safer choice is a proper, plant-based cream method of administration This safely bypasses the liver and delivers hormone “messengers” to the correct receptor sites where they are able to successfully carry out their mission. More detail can be accessed here: “Why is Cream Form Better?” Achieving Optimal Health at Menopause We live in a time of “better living through chemistry…” and for that reason it is a challenge to acquire and maintain optimal health and wellness. Following are some well established guidelines for you to achieve that goal: Manage stress – yes, I know, this is easier said that done Achieve quality, Phase IV sleep each evening. There are 16 principles found at “How Can I Enjoy Quality Sleep?” Avoid GMO foods; foods that contain growth hormones and foods that contain pesticides, anti-biotics and any other antagonists to your health Dietary Fiber – ensure that you consume no less than 25 grams per day; whole psyllium seed husks are an excellent choice. Avoid petroleum derivatives in all personal care products & household cleaning products.

Progesterone Creams for Women’s Health

Progesterone Creams for Women’s Health How would you know if you are suffering from the harmful effects caused by a hormone imbalance, too much estrogen and not enough progesterone? What role do Progesterone Creams play? For decades, scientists have studied the ill-effects of environmental estrogens, also known as xeno-estrogens and their effect on the endocrine system (the endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce our hormones). These hormones regulate metabolism, growth & development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep & mood, among many other things.   Xenoestrogens have hormone-like activity in the body of both genders and are known as endocrine disruptors.  This means they interfere with the natural production & utilization of your valuable, beneficial hormones. Since the endocrine system is responsible for your hormone production, today’s chemical environment is the First of two primary causes of hormone imbalance & insufficient levels of progesterone (your master hormone).   Your body is continually flooded with too many xenoestrogens, which are negatively affecting our endocrine system. The result? You needlessly suffer with an imbalance of your primary hormones. Where do these Xenoestrogens and other toxic chemicals come from?  As you learned in the above video, they are extremely prevalent in almost all personal care & beauty products (even when the label says “Natural”), plastics which come in contact with food & beverages, pesticides (this is why so many choose Organic), cleaning products and all synthetic fragrances & all GMO foods & products.  There are more than 100,000 petroleum-based ingredients (petro-chemicals) in use by the cosmetic industry alone! (petroleum is a xenoestrogen)! Can the ill-effects of all these chemicals be avoided with Progesterone Creams for Women? The Second cause of hormone imbalance is found in most commercially grown meat, dairy and animal products.  Unless otherwise specified on the label, almost ALL chicken, beef, pork, eggs and dairy contain synthetic estrogens and/or pesticides.  These are consumed by hundreds of millions of people weekly.  Synthetic estrogens shorten the growth time of the animal & profit the farmer, while cheapening the cost to consumer.   When consumed on a daily or weekly basis, these foods directly affect our endocrine system and optimal hormone balance.  Synthetic estrogens are also responsible for weight-gain, overall ill-health, infertility (men & women), diminished libido, and increased disease susceptibility.   Synthetic hormones, which are the active ingredients in prescription birth control and HRT, have also  been proven in many studies, to put you at increased risk for female-specific cancers. Can the ill-effects of all these food additives & added hormones be avoided with Progesterone Creams for Women? Bioidentical progesterone will safely support your body’s ability to be in balance.  It’s one simple solution you can implement every month to safely balance your hormones when you finish puberty and for life. Optimal progesterone levels, at the correct time of the month, will not only alleviate, but prevent the painful symptoms of PMS/PMDD & menopause, increase osteoblast cell activity (bone integrity) and support overall health & vitality for life.  Healthy levels will also support increased fertility, aid to a healthy first trimester of pregnancy and address the causes of post-partum depression. With that said, Progesterone’s health benefits don’t end in the hormone department.  Did you know progesterone has also been proven to have a supportive effect on brain chemistry?  It aids in production of the ‘neurotransmitters’ that enhance your mood, like serotonin.  It also supports healthy sleep patterns, healthy cell death & renewal, healthy weight, healthy hair and improved skin elasticity.   Clearly, progesterone is beneficial to our entire body’s health. Please visit our Serenity Lifestyle page here for more details on how and where you can protect yourself and your family from from these Xenoestrogens. There, we also have recommendations on the best personal/home/supplement care in the world that will greatly affect your health for the better. Can the ill-effects of all these food additives & added hormones be avoided with Progesterone Creams for Women?   ALWAYS FREE-SHIPPING   

Progesterone Cream Side Effects – The Underlying Cause & What to Do About It…

Progesterone Cream Side Effects ~ The Underlying Cause & What to Do About It

Progesterone Cream Side Effects – The Underlying Cause & What to Do About It… Progesterone is the most important hormone for women. It helps maintain pregnancy and regulates menstruation. However, some women experience side-effects when first taking progesterone creams. The underlying cause may not be what you have been told… At the onset of using Natural Progesterone Cream a small percent of women may initially experience an increase in symptoms. This is due to the natural progesterone “waking up” estrogen receptors (all hormones plug in to receptors, the same way a key plugs into a lock). This is NOT a reaction to your most important, master hormone, progesterone! If you are one of the few who has this experience, simply reduce the amount of cream to a level that is comfortable for you, and gradually return to a normal dose, perhaps over a 3-10 day time.  This condition is only temporary. As your body adjusts the re-introduction of your “Master” hormone, you will achieve an optimal balance and the symptoms caused by oestrogen dominance will ameliorate, as well as the risk factors from too much estrogen, which include a reduction in your risk for female-specific cancers. It is also vitally important to identify and avoid all environmental estrogens, as they interfere with the safe production and utilization of your body’s natural hormones! There are no reported short or long term side effects to using Serenity Body-Identical Progesterone Cream. – Too much estrogen, however, can cause irregular cycles and retention of old blood, leading to endometriosis, not to mention increasing your risk for female-specific cancers. Because Natural Progesterone has a normalizing effect on the menstrual cycle, it can initially promote the shedding of old blood. This shedding is very desirable as stored blood can increase the risk of endometriosis & endometrial cancer. If you have experienced the above and feel uncertain over the use of a proper progesterone cream formula, this is the time to evaluate the long-term consequences of “estrogen dominance” and compare to the myriad of “protective” benefits furnished by Body-Identical Progesterone. Find out about the three necessary pillars of hormone balance and more information about side-effects here!

Optimal Support for Progesterone Cream – 7 Pillars of Health

Optimal Support for Progesterone Cream – 7 Pillars of Health Optimal Support for Progesterone Cream Here are some of the best foods to help heal your hormones. These are wonderful if you are a young woman or if you are a woman who is aging and wants to age gracefully. FLAXSEED: Flaxseeds contain phyto-estrogens, or plant based estrogens, or weak estrogens. What they do is, they bind to something called “receptor sites” for xeno-biotics or xeno-estrogens. Did you know that there are dozens of estrogen mimickers out there, there’s really hundreds, in the environment – chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, waste materials – those will bind your receptor sites and cause an imbalance. Flaxseed is good as an oil or as ground flaxseed. You can also consume flaxseed as part of a supplement – the added bonus is it gives bulk and lubrication to the gut and provides Omega 3’s. So Flax is a key food for women’s health. It also has lignans which are great for breast health. So many women want to make sure they maintain a healthy hormonal balance but also healthy breast tissue etc with all the risks out there. BONE BROTH: Issues may start to develop in mature women that include organ prolapse, skin issues and weak connective tissue. this is why it is important to include bone broth in your diet. Bone broth is an excellent way to boost joint health. If you want to have better feeling knees, lower back and neck – bone broth can help. But also for your organs! We are talking about your connective tissue here. The things that hold your organs in place, hold your tissues in place. Along with collagen, if you’re consuming bone broth into menopause and outside of it, You are likely going to have a stronger skeletal system, integumentary system (skin, hair and nails). It truly is amazing. FERMENTED FOODS: Fermented foods are amazing. They include dairy products, yogurt and kefir. Even Cleopatra reportedly bathed in yogurt. So fermented dairy is great. Fermented veggies are also amazing. Not only are fermented veggies such as sauerkraut and kimchi good for the probiotics and enzymes – cruciferous vegetables are great for balancing hormones. Other fermented foods include fermented soy, miso or natto, even tempeh in small amounts. If you consume as a woman, whether you’re young or aging – bone broth, raw sauerkraut, cultured dairy and fermented soy products – you are starting on an amazing journey for health that will have you will looking better and feeling better. SPROUTS: There are 2 kinds of sprouts that are beneficial if you are interested in balancing hormones, particularly when nearing perimenopause or menopause: Broccoli sprouts and Clover sprouts. Clover has an amazing source of phytoestrogens, particularly red clover. And broccoli sprouts are great for the immune system and they help to block environmental estrogen mimickers.  These are amazing foods and they will help you look and feel your best and can contribute to reducing or effects of menopause. Here are some essential herbs that can help to balance hormones, alongside progesterone cream. BLACK COHOSH: This is  available in an infusion form, or a tea form, or you can also consume it in supplement form. In fact, it is so good at balancing hormones that in Europe, the number one prescribed nutraceutical for hot flashes and menopause issues would be black cohosh. DONG QUAI: This has been described as being the female ginseng. Not only has it been shown to balance out estrogen and progesterone levels, but it also helps to increase the libido and energize the body. (A low sex drive could be another sign that there is a hormone imbalance). WILD YAMS, CLOVER & VITEX: These are powerful botanicals for women of all ages, but especially for women as they age and near menopause. Vitex has been shown to directly, probably as much or more than any of these herbs, to raise progesterone levels and so is key in balancing hormones. Along with the herbs mentioned above, here are a couple of amazing spices that are great for overall health, but especially for hormonal issues. LICORICE: This is slightly phytoestrogenic. So like flaxseed, licorice can also help to prevent estrogen mimickers binding receptor sites and creating imbalance. (It is also very tasty and sweet which is a bonus). SAGE: This is a both a herb and spice that has many health benefits. It is a great natural source of vitamin K which helps to make various proteins that are needed for blood clotting and the building of bones. [/spb_text_block] [/spb_row] [spb_row element_name=”Row” wrap_type=”standard-width” row_bg_type=”color” color_row_height=”content-height” bg_type=”cover” parallax_image_height=”content-height” parallax_image_movement=”fixed” parallax_image_speed=”standard” bg_video_loop=”yes” parallax_video_height=”window-height” row_top_style=”none” row_bottom_style=”none” parallax_video_overlay=”none” row_overlay_opacity=”0″ remove_element_spacing=”no” row_col_spacing=”0″ row_col_pos=”default” row_col_equal_heights=”no” row_expanding=”no” row_animation=”none” row_animation_delay=”0″ minimize_row=”yes” simplified_controls=”yes” custom_css_percentage=”no” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ margin_vertical=”0″ custom_css=”margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;” border_size=”0″ border_styling_global=”default” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [spb_text_block element_name=”ESSENTIAL OILS” title=”ESSENTIAL OILS” animation=”none” animation_delay=”0″ simplified_controls=”yes” custom_css_percentage=”no” padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ margin_vertical=”0″ custom_css=”margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;” border_size=”0″ border_styling_global=”default” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Essential oils play a vital role in supporting overall health. Many essential oils are good for women’s hormones and they are excellent in helping you sleep or helping you become more energized. Here are just a few such essential oils. CLARY SAGE: This is good for balancing estrogen and progesterone. Many women are estrogen dominant. This can lead to issues such as dry skin, irritability, low libido, hair issues, skin issues – all of this is due to an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. Clary sage used topically, is one of the best essential oils to bring balance to your hormones and help with these issues. It can be used in conjuncture with… CHAMOMILE THYME OREGANO ROSEMARY… these essential oils are wonderful for menopause and for women who are in the peak or toward the end of their reproductive years. YLANG YLANG, GERANIUM OIL, LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE: These four essential oils are great for reducing stress on the mind, the body and the emotions. These essential oils can help work as adaptogens – they can help reduce stress and cortisol levels. This is a key factor, not



Guide* to Understanding & Controlling PMS, PCOS, Infertility, Peri-Menopause, Hot Flashes, Osteoporosis & Menopause Balance Your Hormones Safely & Naturally. Enjoy the Best of Health. Live Life on Your Terms. *since 1995 Why Do I Have a Hormone Imbalance? What is Progesterone? Benefits of Progesterone… Why I Need Progesterone Why a Progesterone Cream? Why Serenity Organics Body-Identical Progesterone Creams? How to Achieve Best Results with Progesterone Cream

Why Serenity Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream?

Why Serenity Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream? Serenity progesterone cream is free of petroleum derivatives, Chinese materials and is meticulously formulated in small batches using only the purest form of USP progesterone, manufactured exclusively in the United States. Serenity progesterone cream is cruelty-free, petroleum-free, GMO-free and 100% plant-derived.

Why So Much Conflicting Information on Estrogen?

Estrogen in itself furnishes many good benefits in the female body when it is naturally occurring and in the correct amounts each month. However it’s important to make a distinction between the 27 different healthy estrogens our body makes versus the SYNTHETIC estrogens that are found in most commercial meat and dairy, the pesticides on produce and the petroleum based chemicals found in personal, cleaning & fragrance products that act like estrogens by plugging into hormone receptors. (steroid hormones plug into to hormone receptor sites, much the same way a key plugs into a lock) The Synthetics Synthetic estrogens have been studied and proven for decades to have harmful side effects, this is why when you go on birth control or HRT you are given papers that have long lists of many of the side-effects and risks associated with the use synthetic hormones. All synthetic hormones even synthetic progesterone, called progestin, have side-effects and are potentially dangerous. Some very common side-effects that you may have even experienced yourself are: Migraine Mood swings Depression irritability Appetite loss/increase Sleep disorders Water retention Increase risk of blood clotting/stroke/heart attack Bone loss These are just a few estrogen dominance symptoms and associated risks of using birth control and HRT. This very important distinction between synthetic hormones and biologically identical hormones, which is almost always confused, is the one the most important parts of your education on this topic. Did you know that a cycling woman only requires 1/3rd mg of estrogen 14 days out of the month? Conversely, during the 14 days progesterone phase, your body requires 22-25mg/day of progesterone. Why would we be getting enough estrogen but not be making enough progesterone? Well let’s look at one very common source of estrogen. An average piece of chicken that is grown commercially and fed hormones has 2-3 mg of estrogen per 4 oz serving! If you ate 20 ounces of chicken a week, even with your liver bypassing 80% of the hormones your eating, your still ingesting 16 mg all month long and that’s just from chicken. It’s noteworthy to see how easy it is to get too much estrogen in our system and that estrogen can and will block normal progesterone production and function. If I am a vegan, why would I need to be on progesterone cream? We need to highlight envrironmental estrogens, how many chemicals are in the average home and how they are estrogenic after being inhaled and applied to the skin. The Naturals Naturally occurring estrogens (estrogens that your body makes) are very important for women. When natural estrogen is in balance with progesterone and in the correct phase of the month it has many important roles in both genders. A few of these benefits for women are: Maintaining of the uterus Promotes ovulation ……Looking for a better word here than promote, the info I read on this is as follows: Surge in estrogen level induces the release of luteinizing hormone, which then triggers ovulation by releasing the egg from the Graafian follicle in the ovary. Increased sexual receptivity Stimulate endometrial growth Thickening of the vaginal wall Primary hormone to promote female secondary* sex characteristics Aids in protecting arteries from damage thus lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease Aids to the sheading and rebuilding of bone tissue Here is another interesting fact, only when estrogens are balanced with progesterone can they have the positive effect that they were meant to have. Without progesterone to balance estrogen they can actually cause harm! There is even a name for it… its called Estrogen Dominance. This syndrome has a very long list of unpleasant symptoms and syndromes. If you think you might be living with estrogen dominance take our fast, simple quiz here and see if your lifestyle is putting you at higher odds for this disorder.  Consequences of Estrogen Dominance Estrogen dominance, almost always caused by synthetic sources, is also a leading cause of many female specific diseases in women of all ages. In clinical studies, estrogen molecules have been shown to increase the amount of unstable/abnormal cell growth, while the progesterone molecule has shown to do the exact opposite! Abnormal cells have stopped growing when progesterone is present*. Lets put a little footnote below with a link to that cell growth study; we need to start dabbling into the cell growth disease prevention and help even though this is just the overview. We should consider the direct effect of one of the most commonly experienced female diseases, Endometrioses. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the thickening of the endometrium; it is by design a cell grower, which has a natural purpose when balanced by progesterone. However the….David can you please help me here? I’ve been researching this topic for two days now and just cant’ seem to come up with the correct verbiage to give a simple clear example of the roles of both hormones in this disease. Please keep it conversational simple and scientific. The master hormone progesterone is pretty amazing! So while natural estrogen certain is a necessary, beneficial hormone in the female body, the overdose of it can be a hazard. It can and will cause us a lot of unnecessary health problems. We live in an estrogen rich environment. Estrogen MUST be balanced by the master (or one that controls) female hormone, progesterone. Is there more you can do? <I think this would be a good place to have a link to info on hormone healthy lifestyle (which is going to be the title on one of our pages as you’ll see below) and YL oils. Progesterone that is being taken as a supplement needs to be biologically identical to what your body already makes and in a topical form thus making it free from side effects that synthetic hormones offer. Why is this?

Why Would I Have a Hormone Imbalance?

Our hormones control a large part of us. Steroid hormones can even make genetic changes or alterations to certain parts of our body. Progesterone and Estrogens are steroid hormones and as we have discussed in previous pages they each have a very unique and sometimes opposite effect in our body. But there is another factor that many of our ancestors never had to face that we are bombarded with today. Synthetic hormones and chemicals that act just like a synthetic hormone in the body. Chemical or synthetic hormones are disruptors to the normal and natural female hormone function. Where are these chemical and synthetic hormone-like molecules coming from, you might wonder? And how do they act like a hormone? Our bodies have what are called hormone receptors. This is the place where a hormone plugs in so it can be used by the body. When a foreign molecule (or one that is not biologically identical) plugs into the a receptor, not only can it block the natural hormone molecules from doing their normal jobs, but it can also create imbalances and thus the side-effects that go with that imbalance. Unfortunately our modern day environment is the primary source of these hormone-like chemicals that are similar enough to estrogen that they are able to plug into estrogen receptors and cause all sorts of side-effects. Here are some of the leading sources of these chemicals and synthetic hormones. Plastic- the plastic molecule is estrogenic in the body and will plug into our hormone receptor sites and not only block our natural hormone from assimilation but have an estrogenic effect on our hormone balance. We have reusable plastic in our everyday lives and almost every type of it either instantly or over time, will letch into whatever substance we have in it. This can significantly affect our hormone balance. Mineral oil is also estrogenic in the body and is called a petro chemical. It is being processed from petroleum and is a chemical that has been newly introduced to our beauty care within the last 75 years. It is the base oil of almost every single commercial and even some ‘natural’ lotions, body butters, liquid foundations, popery, hair care, perfumes, fragranced bathroom supplies, personal care, candles, plugins, car air fresheners and more. Could you have some of these items in your life? You can be throwing your hormone balance off without even realizing it. All commercial Meat, Dairy and Eggs that aren’t labeled as being Never fed or 100% hormone free, 100% grass fed, 100% cage free, or certified organic are full of synthetic estrogens. They are not only fed high amounts of synthetic estrogen but in many cases are also injected with the hormone in addition to what they eat in the feed. The word natural has lost almost all its meaning in the food industry unfortunately. Eating more plant proteins, reading labels, researching reputable companies as well as trying to utilize local small farms should be a very important part of your food regimen. When you think about switching to hormone-free animal products, you may not feel that overwhelmed, because they are usually pretty clearly labeled, with the exception of what you eat in restaurants. However, it can get tricky when it comes to the huge array of products that go under the heading of fragrance/home/personal care. I don’t want to make you feel hopeless, however, it is clear that getting balanced is a process and a lifestyle change. We want to help. We have composed a page at ********* that has a list of the most commonly used chemicals. You can print it out and take it to the store with you, as a guide for choosing products that will not imbalance your hormones! We have also expanded our product support line and are now offering %100 natural and safe home and personal care products.<YLJ> We also have a line of organic, biodegradable feminine hygiene care and baby wipes. There is great benefit in using supplemental, bio identical progesterone to balance your hormones and help prevent estrogen dominance. Remember, since it’s the master hormone, progesterone, when utilized in the proper time of the month and at the correct amount, can block estrogens from the receptor sites and aid in balancing estrogen dominance.

Hormones in Your Lifetime

  Your hormones are responsible for a very large part of your total body health. Progesterone is the master female hormone and is known as the precursor or hormone from which many other steroid hormones are made, including estrogen and testosterone. To help you better understand your body, we’ve broken down some of the simple hormonal processes at different ages and the important role progesterone and estrogens play (both primary sex hormones for women). Read more…