the Master Hormone in Women

Optimal Support for Progesterone Cream


Here are some of the best foods to help heal your hormones. These are wonderful if you are a young woman or if you are a woman who is aging and wants to age gracefully.

  • FLAXSEED: Flaxseeds contain phyto-estrogens, or plant based estrogens, or weak estrogens. What they do is, they bind to something called “receptor sites” for xeno-biotics or xeno-estrogens. Did you know that there are dozens of estrogen mimickers out there, there’s really hundreds, in the environment – chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, waste materials – those will bind your receptor sites and cause an imbalance. Flaxseed is good as an oil or as ground flaxseed. You can also consume flaxseed as part of a supplement – the added bonus is it gives bulk and lubrication to the gut and provides Omega 3’s. So Flax is a key food for women’s health. It also has lignans which are great for breast health. So many women want to make sure they maintain a healthy hormonal balance but also healthy breast tissue etc with all the risks out there.
  • BONE BROTH: Issues may start to develop in mature women that include organ prolapse, skin issues and weak connective tissue. this is why it is important to include bone broth in your diet. Bone broth is an excellent way to boost joint health. If you want to have better feeling knees, lower back and neck – bone broth can help. But also for your organs! We are talking about your connective tissue here. The things that hold your organs in place, hold your tissues in place. Along with collagen, if you’re consuming bone broth into menopause and outside of it, You are likely going to have a stronger skeletal system, integumentary system (skin, hair and nails). It truly is amazing.
  • FERMENTED FOODS: Fermented foods are amazing. They include dairy products, yogurt and kefir. Even Cleopatra reportedly bathed in yogurt. So fermented dairy is great. Fermented veggies are also amazing. Not only are fermented veggies such as sauerkraut and kimchi good for the probiotics and enzymes – cruciferous vegetables are great for balancing hormones. Other fermented foods include fermented soy, miso or natto, even tempeh in small amounts. If you consume as a woman, whether you’re young or aging – bone broth, raw sauerkraut, cultured dairy and fermented soy products – you are starting on an amazing journey for health that will have you will looking better and feeling better.
  • SPROUTS: There are 2 kinds of sprouts that are beneficial if you are interested in balancing hormones, particularly when nearing perimenopause or menopause: Broccoli sprouts and Clover sprouts. Clover has an amazing source of phytoestrogens, particularly red clover. And broccoli sprouts are great for the immune system and they help to block environmental estrogen mimickers. 
These are amazing foods and they will help you look and feel your best and can contribute to reducing or effects of menopause.


Here are some essential herbs that can help to balance hormones, alongside progesterone cream.

  • BLACK COHOSH: This is available in an infusion form, or a tea form, or you can also consume it in supplement form. In fact, it is so good at balancing hormones that in Europe, the number one prescribed nutraceutical for hot flashes and menopause issues would be black cohosh.
  • DONG QUAI: This has been described as being the female ginseng. Not only has it been shown to balance out estrogen and progesterone levels, but it also helps to increase the libido and energize the body. (A low sex drive could be another sign that there is a hormone imbalance).
  • WILD YAMS, CLOVER & VITEX: These are powerful botanicals for women of all ages, but especially for women as they age and near menopause. Vitex has been shown to directly, probably as much or more than any of these herbs, to raise progesterone levels and so is key in balancing hormones.


Along with the herbs mentioned above, here are a couple of amazing spices that are great for overall health, but especially for hormonal issues.

  • LICORICE: This is slightly phytoestrogenic. So like flaxseed, licorice can also help to prevent estrogen mimickers binding receptor sites and creating imbalance. (It is also very tasty and sweet which is a bonus).
  • SAGE: This is a both a herb and spice that has many health benefits. It is a great natural source of vitamin K which helps to make various proteins that are needed for blood clotting and the building of bones.


Essential oils play a vital role in supporting overall health. Many essential oils are good for women’s hormones and they are excellent in helping you sleep or helping you become more energized. Here are just a few such essential oils.
  • CLARY SAGE: This is good for balancing estrogen and progesterone. Many women are estrogen dominant. This can lead to issues such as dry skin, irritability, low libido, hair issues, skin issues – all of this is due to an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. Clary sage used topically, is one of the best essential oils to bring balance to your hormones and help with these issues. It can be used in conjuncture with…
  • ROSEMARY… these essential oils are wonderful for menopause and for women who are in the peak or toward the end of their reproductive years.
  • YLANG YLANG, GERANIUM OIL, LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE: These four essential oils are great for reducing stress on the mind, the body and the emotions. These essential oils can help work as adaptogens – they can help reduce stress and cortisol levels. This is a key factor, not just in balancing hormones, but for the benefit of overall health too.
  • PEPPERMINT, FENNEL & CHAMOMILE: These three essential oils help when dealing with PMS symptoms. They are beneficial for the gut, for the bloating, and for the just not feeling good.
  • MYHRR OIL: (Yes, the very same oil that is mentioned in the Bible) This too has hormone balancing benefits.
  • FENNEL: This too is great for hormones. Fennel has actually been shown to be beneficial for breast milk production (for all you nursing mothers out there).


Medicinal mushrooms (just to be clear not ‘magic mushrooms’) are fungi that have many hormone balancing properties. Here are a few that you may find beneficial to use in conjuncture with your progesterone cream.

  • TRUFFLE: (In particular black diamond truffle or tuber melanosporan). This is actually a fungi that boosts testosterone – a hormone that makes you feel and look younger. Truffle has been known as an aphrodisiac and it does it through olfaction similar to essential oils. Real truffle inhaled in an oil form or eaten, can naturally boost testosterone levels within the normal range and can virtually shut down menopausal issues such as hot flashes, lack of energy, skin problems and low sex drive.
  • REISHI: This has been called “the mushroom of immortality” because of the anti-aging properties it contains. You can make it in broth, a decoction, a tea or take it in supplement form. It’s great for boosting your internal energy.
  • CORDYCEPS: Cordyceps is a great energizer, it’s a great adaptogen and it boosts your overall vitality.
These 3 medicinal mushrooms are great for giving your body the boost it needs! One of the reasons medicinal mushrooms are so powerful, is that they really help your kidneys. So as well as being good for hormone health, if you are somebody struggling with adrenal fatigue, you feel like you’re overwhelmed and lack energy – these mushrooms are especially good for helping energize your body.


Nutrients are really good at balancing hormones. Here are four such nutrients (but there are many more).

  • VITAMIN D: This will change your reproductive health, support your colon health, your brain health, your immune system.
  • VITAMIN K:  This is found in natto, in organ meats, in soft ripened cheeses. It is essential for bone health, brain health and any fat soluble vitamin is critical for reproductive health.
  • BORON: This is a mineral that is great for hormones and building bone. Bone loss is often a side effect of women coming out of menopause, and this could lead to serious illness and even death. Boron (along with the other nutrients mentioned here) aids in building strong bones so as to prevent this.
  • MAGNESIUM:  This mineral taken orally, or topically in oil form, can help with pain, sleep issues and all round female health.

Optimizing these four nutrients can have you feeling better in no time!


Here are some excellent supplements that, along with the previously mentioned key factors and progesterone cream, can truly help you to achieve optimum hormone health.

  • COLLAGEN: Collagen is a great aid for supporting and building up skin, hair, nails and bones. Supplementing your aforementioned bone broth with collagen will aid in having a stronger skeletal system and stronger integumentary system. Taking this along side glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid – you will truly emanate youth as you age.
  • OMEGA-3: These are vital for supporting heart health as well as reducing inflammation and boosting overall health.
  • EVENING PRIMROSE OIL (EPO) & BORAGE OIL: These oils are actually omega 6s that contains DGLA or GLA (Gamma-linoleic acid), which is really good for hormone health. Hemp and spirulina have also been found to be beneficial, however, EPO seems to be the oil of choice for most women.
  • ADAPTOGENIC HERBS: These include – rhodiola, ashwagandha, eleuthero, panax or Korean ginseng, schisandra berry, amla berry or Indian gooseberry, holy basil. These help your body respond to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall wellbeing.
  • PROBIOTICS: Having a broad spectrum probiotic for your gut, and urinary tract, will help you absorb your foods and flush excess estrogen compounds out of your body.


Embracing these 7 keys will provide optimum support for your progesterone cream…and you will unlock your true health potential!