Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

chronic fatigue syndromeChronic Fatigue Syndrome

A significant number of Natural Health Care Providers acknowledge that one of the most important foundations necessary for optimal health and natural energy is a clean intestinal tract that has the proper balance of bacteria. A healthy intestinal tract harbors a complex ecology of both friendly and “unfriendly” bacteria numbering just over 400 different species, of which there are thousands of strains.

Regular consumption of a diet that is high in animal fats, processed foods and contains inadequate fiber, usually results in a sluggish intestinal tract which may subsequently lead to colitis, diverticulosis, crohn’s disease, headaches, foggy thinking, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Additionally, there are numerous assaults on the friendly bacteria or “proper microbial balance.” They may include antibiotic treatment, birth control pills, radiation therapy, constipation, mercury from fillings and a diet that is low in calcium, fiber, lactose and other complex carbohydrates, but high in meats, coffee, tea and alcohol.

Because the diet has a major influence on the profile of the intestinal flora these antagonists to friendly bacterial proliferation will result in an overgrowth of coliforms and other “unfriendly” bacteria.


Friendly bacteria

  • produce lactic acid,
  • make natural antibiotics (bacteriocins),
  • manufacture vitamin K (necessary for strong bones)
  • are the front line of defense for your immune system
  • protect the intestinal and vaginal mucosa tissues from harmful fungus (yeast)
  • displace the harmful, pathogenic bacteria that cause constipation, diarrhea, and vaginitis (Pro-Femm Kit).

The friendly strains can be grouped into two categories:

  • Those that attach themselves to the intestinal lining or mucosa and compete with the “unfriendly” bacteria for binding sites and
  • Those that are transient in the gut.

One of the problems caused by eating the typical “American” or “Western” diet is that high fat/low fiber has a tendency to stick to the inner walls of the intestinal tract. The body responds by forming a mucous layer over materials that impact the intestinal lining.

Over a period of years a buildup can occur to the extent that there is a decrease in available binding sites for friendly bacteria, a decrease in nutrient assimilation and an increase in risk for colitis, diverticulosis and colon cancer.

Sir Jason Winters relates the case of an individual who had their colon removed due to cancer. The section of removed bowel weighed 40 pounds.

The diameter of the diseased colon was nine inches, yet the orifice through which food was able to pass was smaller than a standard pencil!In order to provide a healthy host environment for those bacteria that attach to the intestinal walls, it is necessary to remove any impacted fecal matter, excess mucous and other sticky materials that line the intestinal walls. The buildup of matter in the gut putrifies with time, is absorbed into the bloodstream and literally poisons every cell and organ of the body. This condition may be responsible for many major diseases including autoimmune disorders.Unlike herbal laxatives Colosan, is the most world’s most powerful, yet safest intestinal cleanser available. Because it uses Oxygen and other beneficial gases to cleanse, it is not contraindicated for any persons, including pregnant or nursing mothers.

Colosan will effectively:

  • Break down & remove old impacted fecal matter adhering to the intestinal lining
  • Clear out excess mucous
  • Remove heavy metals
  • Reduce harmful levels of anaerobic (unfriendly) bacteria
  • Reduce levels of harmful intestinal pathogens (Giardia Lamblia, Candida Albicans)
  • Stimulate the growth of aerobic (friendly) bacteria such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidus
  • Improve Nutrient Assimilation (Weight Normalization)
  • Optimize Transit Time
  • Improve the function of the Peyer’s Patches (immune system organs that reside on the inner walls of the small intestines)
  • Transport Oxygen to all of your one hundred trillion cells (enhance brain function and immune response)
  • Increase energy levels (addresses a primary underlying cause of chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Improve mood
  • Remove a primary cause of depression (toxins that feed the brain)
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Correct the one of the Primary
  • Underlying Causes of Chronic
  • Fatigue Syndrome

What to Expect:

As you use Colosan it will have a diminished effect on bowel movements, so that when the gut is completely cleansed the Colosan will not have a measurable purging effect. At this point, it will be beneficial to stay on a high fiber diet, as it will help prevent fats from sticking to the intestinal walls.

When the intestinal tract has been thoroughly cleansed the intestinal lining (mucosa) can be restored with 8 ounces of Organic Aloe Vera juice 2 or 3 times per day and one teaspoon of L-Glutamine Powder two times per day. At this point it would be beneficial to reduce excess levels of candida albicans and concurrently re-colonize the gut with the Primary 7 Friendly Strains of Bacteria + FOS.

In the event that you consume too much fat in a given day, then you might choose to take 2 tablespoons of Colosan + 2 tbsp. of psyllium at bedtime. No less than 2 tablespoons of whole psyllium seed husks or some combination of sticky fiber per day will support optimal health.

Label directions are for maintenance after the gut has been cleansed and will furnish more oxygen to all of your 100 trillion cells.

The activity of Colosan is not to be compared with bentonite clay or any herbal laxatives, including aloe, cascara sagrada or senna.